Producer Guest is now able to do Screen sharing. Participants can now bring in and control content such as pictures and presentations from their own laptops. Each screen share comes into Producer as an independent source allowing full production control and any layout the user wants. Producer users can control which Guests are able to share their screen.

Adding a Guest with Screen Sharing

  1. Select ADD SOURCE on the right-hand side of the LAYERS.

  2. Select GUEST SOURCE


  4. Ensure the ALLOW VIDEO is on

  5. Ensure the ALLOW SCREEN SHARE is on

  6. Select ADD SOURCE tab in red

  7. Select SHARE THE STREAM with your guest

  8. Copy the GUEST INVITE LINK and send it to your guest


  10. Once the SOURCE is selected, the PRODUCER GUEST feature will go live and the ON AIR tab will appear in red, notifying you that you are live.

Using Screen Sharing in Guest

  1. Select the screen sharing button to present

  2. Choose what to share - ENTIRE SCREEN, WINDOW or CHROME TAB

  3. Select SHARE to start presenting

📕 Note: If you didn't add SCREEN SHARE with creating a Guest you can add a screen share asset later from the ADD SOURCE > GUEST SOURCE menu where an option for adding a screen share is now available. As soon as you add this source the screen share button will automatically appear in the toolbar for that guest even if they are already connected and streaming.

📕 Note: Screen Share features is a desktop feature and does not support Guest on mobile or tablet. This feature does not bring in the audio from the screen sharing currently.

✅ Tip: If you want to remove screen sharing for a particular Guest simply delete the screen share source in Producer.

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