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Producer gives you access to 6 initial layers so you can add sources to them. You have the ability to add, remove and rename layers.

Layer 1: We recommend you use this layer for any of your live streams or full-screen VODS. You are currently able to upload a maximum of 4 live streams by default. Please, contact to increase stream and layer limits.

Layer 2: We recommend you use this layer for any other VOD sources or picture-in-picture sources. Anything on this layer will appear on top of layer 1.

Layer 3: We recommend using this layer for any images, animations, live integrations and web sources. This is the top layer, meaning any source you add here will appear over your previous other layers.

✅ Tip: Click here for more information on how to manage your layers.

Adding and removing assets from your live output

  1. Selecting an asset will first appear in the PREVIEW screen with GREEN BORDER

  2. Selecting the TAKE LIVE button will then appear in the PROGRAM screen with RED BORDER

  3. Selecting the PROGRAM TO PREVIEW button takes the PROGRAM asset to the PREVIEW screen

  4. Selecting the BLANK LAYER followed by the TAKE LIVE button will remove the asset from live

📕 Note: To enable Flip-flop mode please go to the setting cog icon on the top left side of the layers. By default, the Flip-flop mode will be off.

💡 Tip: For more information on how to add a media source please see this article.

Resizing your layout

  1. Select the bottom right arrow to HIDE SIDEBAR

  2. Select the handles by the PREVIEW and PROGRAM screens to resize their layout

  3. Select the border of a LAYER of your choice to resize its layout

  4. Select the top-left button to ENTER FULL SCREEN

📕 Note: Resizing changes are stored locally in the browser and are specific to each user and per producer instance.

💡 Tip: To recover the original layout simply double-click on the handles/layer border. For more information on how to use the flexible layouts please see this article.

Adding transitions to your live output

  1. Select CUT to access all transitions

  2. Select the CLOCK to access all transitions durations

  3. Select the TAKE LIVE button to put the PREVIEW to PROGRAM screen with the desired transition and duration

💡Tip: For more information on how to use transitions please see this article.

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