Grabyo’s multiviewer service gives live production teams the ability to manage multi-feed broadcasts from a web browser with no on-premise equipment.

As the shift to remote, cloud-production accelerates, Grabyo has taken a step forward towards delivering broadcast-quality live productions in the cloud, by adding a customizable, multiviewer accessible via a web browser.


Grabyo’s multiviewer supports:

  • Customizable layout for preview, program, and sources

  • Ability to add over 30 configurable live sources

  • Live clock

  • Support for an unlimited number of independent multiviewers

  • Ultra low latency, high-quality previews

  • Multiple predefined layouts

  • Sharing of multiviewers for team-wide access

  • Built-in audio meters

Adding a Multiviewer

  1. Select the MULTIVIEWER button located below the PREVIEW screen

  2. Once MULTIVIEWER MANAGER opens, select EDIT to adjust the video players of your choice

  3. Select SAVE MULTIVIEWER and input a title

✅ Tip: While in edit mode, you can choose any source to put into each available video player, add/remove rows and columns from the grid area to set it the desired size, choose between multiple layouts. You will find draggable handles to resize the different video areas, further customizing the multiviewer layout.

📕 Note: If you close the Multiviewer window without saving it, you will notice an entry in the Multiviewer manager under Autosaved multiviewers. Selecting this will return you to the previous state. Saved Multiviewers can be renamed and deleted from the MVM (Multiviewer manager).

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