Media Player is a single source containing clips that continuously generate an output video signal to the Producer.

It has its own output where you can see what's currently playing (just like a live stream) and can be seen in the sidebar, in the layers and in the Multiviewer.

Some of Media Player's key functionalities are:

  • Play and pause the Media Player (content can be played while the Media Player is on/off air)

  • Skip to the next item in the queue and go back

  • Change the playback speed

  • Add, remove and reorder clips

  • Auto-play when taken to air and auto-pause when taken off air

Adding a Media Player

  1. Select + in your chosen layer

  2. Select MEDIA PLAYER

  3. Input a TITLE

  4. Enable the SOURCE SETTINGS of your choice

  5. Select ADD SOURCE

Editing a Media Player

  1. Open SETTINGS

  2. Select the plus button, choose the assets and select ADD SOURCE

  3. PLAY/ PAUSE the assets in the order of your choice

  4. Move the SPEED slider to increase/decrease the video and audio

  5. Delete / ADD assets

📕 Note: Media Player counts towards the maximum live streams in a producer instance.

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