Instant Replay allows you to clip instant replays and play them out in live productions with speed controls.

A sports instant replay system designed for:

  • Single operators running production by themselves

  • A larger production with a dedicated replay operator

  • An even larger production with multiple replay operators

Instant Replay

  1. Navigate to ISO recording and start recording all sources required

  2. Navigate to REPLAY > SETTINGS (the sidebar or the dedicated replay view)


  4. Start creation of replay clips


Create replays from multiple camera angles

Access the instant replay sidebar to clip from multiple feeds and cameras, then send replays to your media players or bring them into your production layers.

A dedicated space for replay

The dedicated replay operator interface allows you to monitor and create replay clips from your video feeds. Send replays to your media players and queue to play in live productions. Control playback speed on the fly.

Slow-mo playback

With VOD playback speed controls in your control room and media player, deliver slow-motion replays to focus on the action.

Automatic clip name

Users can provide a format for clips to have automatically created names.

Quick replay buttons

They allow single operators to create and push replays to air of predefined lengths with as little as 3 clicks.


When auto-muting is enabled all replay clips will be created with their volume set to zero,

Hardware integration

Planned to work with the Contour Shuttle Pro v2.

โœ… Tip: You don't have to wait for the action to end before you create a replay clip and push it to air, you could create a clip that started 15 seconds ago and finishes 15 seconds in the future and put that live before it finishes.

๐Ÿ“• Note: Replay clips are sent to either an existing Media player or a producer layer (as a separate VOD).

๐Ÿ“• Note: After creation, the in and out point of a replay clip can't be edited.

๐Ÿ“• Note: The total length available to make replay clips from is 2 minutes.

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