Playback Speed allows the User to control the speed at which a VOD can be played back, making the user play a clip in slow-motion. The Playback speed settings are located within the settings of the asset.

How to use the Playback Speed

  1. Choose the VOD asset and select the three dots.

  2. Click on OPEN SETTINGS to access the PLAYBACK SPEED slider.

  3. Changing the PLAYBACK SPEED slider below 100% will decrease the speed

  4. Alternatively, select the dropdown menu to select a % value to control the PLAYBACK SPEED

📕 Note: Playback speed, like other settings, is only applied in Live (Program) when the ‘Take Live’ button is selected.

📕 Note: The quality of a video shown in slow-motion is not only down to the resolution it is recorded but also the frame rate. The faster the frame rate, the better the quality of the video being played.

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