With producer playlists, you can create, edit, and manage a playlist of VOD assets to play within a live broadcast. Playlisting is a simple way to automate and create a 'VOD as live' broadcast, instead of manually switching from one asset to another.


Adding a Playlist


  1. Select + in your chosen layer

  2. Select PLAYLIST

  3. Name your playlist

  4. Select the assets you want to include in the playlist

  5. Select ADD to finish

Editing a Playlist


  1. Select the COG icon to open the playlist settings

  2. Select and hold the dotted left side of a listed asset to drag and reposition in the cue

  3. Select assets to edit or click SELECT ALL to edit multiple assets

  4. Click the SETTINGS tab to change the presets, dimensions, and volume

  5. Click the TRASH tab to remove any assets

  6. Select the dropdown menu to change the end behaviour of the playlist

📕 Note: You can only edit a playlist while it is not currently playing.

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