Grabyo Producer brings real-time stream switching from multiple sources, locations and devices to the cloud, enabling producers to create digital-first broadcasts for social platforms, websites and mobile apps.

Grabyo Producer


Grabyo Producer supports:

  • Real-time switching of streams and feeds from multiple devices, events, locations and sources

  • Audio Mixer allows users to change the gain, volume, pan, pre/post faders and have more control over audio

  • Producer Multiviewer gives live production teams the ability to manage multi-feed broadcasts from a web browser with no on-premise equipment

  • Adding graphics to a live stream

  • Inserting VOD content into a live stream

  • Adding enhanced graphics overlays including data integrations that update, populate and animate in real-time

  • Adding web sources that support HTML allows you to build dynamic web content

  • Integration of 3rd party platforms to moderate and show real-time social comments, reactions, polls and votes

  • Create and manage a playlist of VOD assets to play within a live broadcast

  • Create a single Snapshot that consists of multiple assets (Live Streams: RTMP/HLS/Local/Guest + VODs and images) and easily switch functions between different layouts

  • Connecting camera and microphone from a local device

  • Invite guests to contribute to your stream with a camera, microphone as well as sharing screens


✅ Tip: For more details, please visit the Producer features section.

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