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Snapshot allows you to create a single asset that consists of multiple assets (Live Streams: RTMP/HLS/Local/Guest + VODs and images) that can easily create a switch function between different layouts (quad-box; split-screen; full-screen).

Adding a Snapshot

  1. Set up the scene of your choice in the PREVIEW screen

  2. Click on the plus icon on the layer of your choice

  3. Select SNAPSHOT

  4. TITLE your new asset


  6. Deselect all assets and select the SNAPSHOT asset only

💡 Tip: There is no limit to the number of assets that can be included in a Snapshot (for live sources, this is up to the maximum concurrent live sources enabled in the current account). There is no limit to the number of Snapshots that can be created in a Producer stream. Snapshots include all the display (x/y/width/height/crop) settings. Live delay and audio track selection are part of the asset, not the Snapshot and if changed will affect all Snapshots incorporating that asset.

📕 Note: Snapshots created with "Capture display and audio settings" selected have all sources currently in Preview with the layout and audio settings frozen as they are at the time of creation. Selecting "Capture display settings only" will still save all the sources active in Preview into a Snapshot along with the display settings, however, the audio settings will be tied to the underlying source. Changing the volume level on a source will change the volume of that source in all Snapshots it's in.

📕 Note: Snapshots cannot be amended once created, this includes the assets in them as well as the settings that have been applied. If you delete an underlying asset that is in a snapshot it will simply disappear from the live snapshot even if that snapshot is on air.

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