Editing media sources

  1. Select COG for a source to access its settings


  3. Select CLIP BEHAVIOUR ON END and choose from LOOP, REMOVE or HOLD

  4. Select EDIT to change the title

Editing display settings

  1. Select PRESETS and choose from the options

  2. Enter your X and Y coordinates in the ASSET DIMENSIONS to customize the positioning

  3. Unlock the aspect ratio tab and enter your WIDTH and HEIGHT to customize the size

  4. Relock the aspect ratio and position the asset as needed

  5. From the SNAP TO option select the correct position

  6. Select RESET to remove the customized positioning

  7. Select FLIP VIDEO to flip horizontally, vertically or both


  1. Drag the relevant slider or enter your desired cropping dimensions

  2. Adjust by entering numbers and selecting the ENTER tab

  3. Adjust by selecting the + and - tabs

Crop to aspect ratio

Pressing one of the quick crop buttons will apply a centred crop of the source to the selected aspect ratio, available ratios are:

  • 16:9 (regular horizontal/widescreen)

  • 9:16 (regular vertical)

  • 4:5 (Facebook vertical)

  • 4:3 (old school TV / SD)

  • 1:1 (square)

  • 21:9 (ultra widescreen)

Editing audio settings

  1. Set a VOLUME for your source

  2. Set the GAIN and/or PAN

✅ Tip: For advanced audio settings access Audio Mixer and adjust accordingly.

Editing trimmer settings

  1. Set a MARK IN / MARK OUT point

  2. JUMP TO IN / OUT point or GO BACK / FORWARD 1/5 seconds

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