Interactive positioning allows users to move, resize and crop sources with their mouse in the Producer preview monitor. It can be used to quickly position assets on screen as an alternative to typing coordinates etc in the sidebar. It's especially powerful for moving a cropped asset around behind the crop viewport.


Positioning mode

In positioning mode (default) you can:

  • Move a source around by clicking anywhere inside the border and dragging it around

  • Resize the source with a locked aspect ratio by clicking any of the 8 handles around the edge

  • Resize the source freeform by holding down shift (releasing shift while resizing will immediately jump back to the aspect ratio at the start of the resize operation)

  • Crossing the opposite horizontal or vertical axis with your mouse will cause the video to be flipped either horizontally or vertically.

Crop Mode

In crop mode (toggled by pressing C) you can:

  • Move the image around behind the cropped area to adjust what is seen without having to reposition the frame (this is really useful for making small adjustments to what you see from a cropped source, for example, a Guest user cropped to square who is sitting just off centre)

  • Crop with a fixed aspect ratio: grabbing any of the 8 crop handles will crop the image with a locked aspect ratio against the opposite handle

  • Crop the source freeform by holding down SHIFT

Snapping Mode

In snapping mode you can:

  • Position a source so they snap to the centre and/or edges of other sources and the video background

  • Add a source so the system will detect areas in the image to use as picture-in-picture (PiP) zones


  • Highlight and selection of sources

  • Resizing from a corner handle, showing both locked aspect ratio (default) and skewed/freeform (with Shift held down)

  • Moving a source

  • Snapping a sources

  • Picture-in-picture sources

  • Cropping a source: locked aspect ratio (default)

  • Cropping a source: skewed/freeform (Shift held down)

  • Moving the image behind the viewport for an already cropped image

  • A source flipping when it’s inverted during a resize

📕 Note: Interactive positioning and Snapping can be disabled from the Producer preferences modal (this is a local option that disables it for that user only). It allows you to set up your show graphically but disable it when you are live on air to avoid accidentally moving things or being distracted by frames showing up in your preview monitor.

📕 Note: In order for the PiP locations to be detected, you should create backgrounds with a single solid colour in the location you want to use for picture-in-picture. The frame should be either fully Red, Green, Blue or Transparent colour.

✅ Tip: Pressing 'c' will switch between positioning mode and crop mode.

Holding SHIFT will enable freeform resizing/cropping (aspect ratio is locked by default).

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