In addition to videos, you can also share GIFs and images through Grabyo. You can publish GIFs in different aspect ratios, speeds and directions while adding image and text overlays to create your perfect GIF.

Aspect Ratio: Set the output of your video, GIF or image, this can be either square, horizontal or vertical. Please see this article for more information.

Crop or pad: Select whether you want to crop your content or pad your content with black bars.

Speed: Set the playback speed for your GIF by up to 3x. Selecting a slower speed will increase the length of your playout.

Direction (playout mode): Set the playout mode for your GIF, this can be either normal, reversed or Boomerang. (If Boomerang is selected, it will double the length of your GIF.)

FPS: Set the range of frames per second for your GIF.

Creating a GIF


  1. Select the GIF type from the drop-down menu

  2. Select an ASPECT RATIO from the drop-down menu

  3. Select the SPEED

  4. Select the DIRECTION

  5. Select the FPS

  6. Begin creating your content

📕 Note: The duration of a GIF is limited to a maximum of 7 seconds. This limitation will vary depending on the play mode and speed that you have selected.

Creating an image


  1. Select the IMAGE type from the drop-down menu

  2. Select an ASPECT RATIO from the drop-down menu

  3. Select an IN point on your timeline to set your image

✅ Tip: You are able to add a text or artwork overlay to your image, see more information here.




Fixed resolution

Horizontal: 480 x 270px
Square: 480 x 480px
Vertical: 480 x 853px
Social: 480 x 600px

1920 x 1080px

Max. duration

7 seconds


Max. file size



Uploaded content

GIFs will be scaled to their fixed resolution

1920 x 1080px

Supported formats are JPEG & PNG

Share destinations



Fixed resolution: When your content is exported this will be the output resolution

Duration: This is the maximum duration of your content

File size: This is the maximum file size of your content

Uploaded content: When uploading content we will process the supported files to this specification

Share destinations: These are the destinations where you can publish your content

Troubleshooting GIFs

If you are experiencing difficulties sharing GIFs to Twitter please check your share history. If you see the following error message, take the steps below to successfully publish your GIF:

  1. Reduce the DURATION of your GIF by 0.5 seconds or more

  2. Increase the SPEED of your GIF

  3. Reduce the FPS of your GIF

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