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How to add a Facebook account

  1. Select your USER icon in the top right-hand corner of the page

  2. Select SOCIAL ACCOUNTS from the drop-down menu

  3. Select ADD ACCOUNT

  4. Select FACEBOOK PAGE from the menu

  5. Enter your login credentials and follow the on-screen instructions

  6. Select your FACEBOOK PAGE from the drop-down menu

  7. Select SUBMIT to finish

📕 Note: You need to be configured as either an admin or editor on the Facebook page you want to add in Grabyo.

💡 Tip: Log into your Facebook account in your browser for our API to automatically detect your Facebook account.

How to share to your Facebook account

  1. Select LIVE CLIPPING on the stream that you want to clip from

  2. Select a CAMPAIGN from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page

  3. Set the IN and OUT points of your content


  5. Select your FACEBOOK PAGE and select SAVE AND SHARE

📕 Note: Sharing to Facebook Stories is currently not supported.

Advanced Facebook options

  1. Locate the advanced options at the bottom of the right-hand panel

  2. Select BRANDED CONTENT to associate a sponsor with your content. Please read this article for more information

  3. Select a CATEGORY to associate with your content

  4. DO NOT ALLOW EMBEDDING to prevent any third-party websites from embedding your content

  5. Select NO STORY to prevent your content from being used in Facebook stories

  6. Select SECRET to prevent your content from appearing on timelines and being searchable

  7. Select DRAFT to allow for moderation before publishing

📕 Note: Only verified pages can share branded content on Facebook, the branded content policy applies.

📕 Note: Images and GIFs as well as scheduled posts are not supported for Facebook Draft.

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