Facebook Crossposting
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When sharing on Facebook, you can now cross-post videos to multiple pages.

Crossposting allows Facebook users to:

  • Grant permission to post a video with other pages.

  • Reuse videos that have already been posted.

  • View a consolidated view counter that counts video views across all instances of the video.

  • Share the video from multiple pages through original posts rather than sharing from each other's pages.

How to Crosspost

  1. Select LIVE CLIPPING on the stream that you want to clip from

  2. Select a CAMPAIGN from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page

  3. Set the IN and OUT points of your content


  5. Select your FACEBOOK PAGE

  6. Go to the CROSSPOSTING option and choose the required page/s and hit SAVE

  7. Select SAVE & SHARE to publish

📕 Note: Partner pages still have to manually share content that has been made available to them.


  • Do not support automatically crossposting clips on behalf of partner pages

  • Configuring the crossposting of live streams within Grabyo (users can set this up within Facebook to auto-crosspost live streams)

  • Establishing crossposting relationships must still be done on Facebook

  • Aggregated social views/impressions will not be displayable within Grabyo analytics

💡 Tip: For more information on Facebook Crossposting, please read this.

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