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Grabyo Live Clipping Tool supports multitrack audio sources with the ability to clip specific audio tracks or save all tracks. This feature is used for:

  • Speedy OTT/Digital workflows

  • Clip & archive workflows

  • Clip & Post Produce workflows

Supported functionalities



Live Clipping

  • Clip all audio tracks as a single MP4 and publish to S3 / FTP or download

  • Clip a specific track as a single MP4 from a list of audio tracks and export to destinations which do not support multi-track audio such as Facebook and Twitter


  • Upload/import a clip with multiple audio tracks, preserving all tracks as a single MP4

How to use

  1. Select the AUDIO TRACK of your choice or check the box SAVE ALL TRACKS

  2. Select a CAMPAIGN from the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the page


  4. Select SOCIAL DESTINATION (if applicable)

  5. Hit SAVE / SAVE AND SHARE to complete

📕 Note: Please be aware that some platforms may not support sharing clips with multiple audio tracks ("save all tracks"). In such cases, certain platforms may only default to the first audio track.

Additionally, broadcasting live with an audio track selection or audio track passthrough from a multi-track live source is also not supported.

📕 Note: Grabyo supports Multitrack audio for HLS, SRT, Zixi and RIST streaming protocols for language metadata in ISO-639-2 standard which represents 3-character language codes (i.e. eng, spa, deu, free). By default, any values that are not recognizable ISO-639-2 will not be retained.

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