Setting up your stream sources

Setting up source streams in Grabyo is simple. We use the two following methods to ingest streams into the platform:

  • Pull source: A publicly accessible URL of an HLS, RTMP or SRT stream that Grabyo can 'pull' from

  • Push source: A RTMP, RTMPS, SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP and RTP-FEC stream that can be pushed from an encoder to a Grabyo ingest point, which you can configure

Below you will find the maximum recommended stream requirements for ingesting a stream into Studio.

βœ… Tip: For further details on how to push an SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP and RTP-FEC content please navigate to Pro Ingest.

πŸ“• Note: Grabyo supports US standards CEA 608/708 closed captions embedded within the RTMP stream (via H.264 ) when streamed to Facebook, YouTube and custom RTMP destinations.

Stream Specifications

Video Fidelity

HD - 720p

HD - 1080p







Video resolution


(Aspect ratio 16:9)


(Aspect ratio 16:9)

Frame rate

Up to 60FPS, min. 25FPS

Up to 60FPS, min. 25FPS

Video Bitrate

Up to 12 Mpbs, min. 3.2 Mbps

Up to 20 Mpbs, min. 5 Mbps

Audio channel



Audio codec



Audio Bitrate

128 kbps
@48000 kHz

128 kbps
@48000 kHz

πŸ“• Note: Default video specification for NTSC regions are 720p / 30fps @ 3.2Mbps and 1080p / 30fps @ 5Mbps.

Default video specification for PAL/SECAM regions are 720p / 25fps @ 3.2 Mpbs and 1080p / 25fps @ 5Mbps. For more information please visit this page.

On-demand streams

You can now schedule a start and stop time/date per stream or do it manually. Please check this article for more details.

Pull RTMP/HLS/SRT source

  • Turn on by having a live/active HLS/RTMP/SRT source

  • Turn off by not having a live/active HLS/RTMP/SRT source

Push RTMP, RTMPS SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP or RTP-FEC source

  • Turn on by pushing a signal/stream to Grabyo ingest (Standard or Pro Ingest)

  • Turn off by stopping to push the signal/stream

πŸ“• Note: Only Admin and Manager roles can schedule or manually start/stop streams.

Setting up a pull source (continuous streams)

Use pull sources if your media source is an HLS or RTMP stream. You will need the stream URL.

  1. Select OPTIONS for the stream you want to update

  2. Select SOURCE from the menu

  3. Select PULL as the stream source type

  4. Paste your source URL into the SOURCE STREAM URL

  5. Select SAVE CHANGES to finish

Setting up a push source (continuous streams)

Grabyo supports two types of push protocols:

  • Standard Ingest - RTMP and RTMPS

  • Pro Ingest - SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP and RTP-FEC.

  1. Select OPTIONS for the stream you want to update

  2. Select SOURCE from the menu

  3. Select PUSH as the stream source type



  6. Select ADD NEW INGEST

  7. Enter a TITLE, select an INGEST TYPE and REGION

  8. Select ADD INGEST to create your ingest

  9. Find your ingest from the drop-down menu and select SAVE CHANGES to finish.

βœ… Tip: You can choose GRABYO MOBILE APP as your INGEST TYPE to configure a mobile stream.

πŸ“• Note: Always ensure that you select the REGION closest to your encoder location when creating an ingest. This will minimize any potential buffering.

πŸ“• Note: To bring LiveU content to Grabyo we now have a direct integration. Please ensure you select the Grabyo integration once setting up the ingest details from LiveU UI. For more details please reach out to

How to preview an RTMP source in VLC

  1. Go to the 3-dot menu or INGEST MANAGER


  3. Select the ingest of your choice and MORE INFO

  4. Copy the PLAYBACK URL

  5. Open VLC, navigate to OPEN MEDIA > NETWORK and paste the URL

  6. Hit PLAY to monitor the content

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