Pro Ingest streaming protocols are the broadcast industry standard for delivering high bit rate and/or low latency streams over the public internet.

Pro Ingest is offering to support SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP and RTP-FEC to ingest video into Grabyo with some of the highlights being:

  • Widely used in broadcast facilities (especially SRT and Zixi)

  • All utilise MPEG transport streams

  • Can support a much higher bit rate in the right conditions than standard ingest (RTMP)

  • Can support extremely low latency in the right conditions ( < 250ms)

  • Pro Ingest supports full encryption for incoming streams

Protocols spesification






Min/Max Latency

100–15,000 milliseconds, with a default value of 2,000 (min latency)

0–60,000 milliseconds, with a default value of 2,000 (max latency)

1–15,000 milliseconds, with a default value of 2,000 (max latency)

Not supported

Not supported


Encrypted Source Passphrase (optional)

AES-128, AES-192, AES-256

Not supported

Not supported

Not supported



Decryption key combined with the encryption algorithm




Managing Pro Ingest

  1. Navigate to INGEST MANAGER

  2. Select PRO INGEST


  4. Input all fields and SAVE

  5. Once ingest created, navigate to MORE INFO to copy the ingest details

  6. Select START

  7. Once the connection is made it will be validated in green

  8. Hit STOP to disconnect and stop the Pro Ingest

Configuration settings and attributes

Display name: The name you want to give this Pro Ingest, which will be shown in the Ingest Manager.

Region Type: The region that the Ingest infrastructure will operate in. It is advisable to choose the region closest to your video source.

IP Allow List: An optional setting to restrict the IP addresses that are allowed to contribute content to the Ingest. Format the IP addresses as a Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) block (for example If unprovided, we will assume all IP addresses are possible to get content from (i.e. the CIDR block value).

Type: The protocol of the Ingest. Choose from SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP and RTP-FEC

Once an Ingest is created there are a few common attributes declared:

Ingest Server: The IP Address that the Ingest is accessible from

Ingest port: The port that the Ingest can be attached to

Ingest URL: The combination of scheme, server and port into a URL canonical format that can be used directly. The scheme is the denotation of the protocol used.

πŸ“• Note: Editing an ingest will allow the user to change all of the ingest properties (type, IP allow list, name, encryption, latency) the only attribute that cannot be changed is the region. If a user needs to move an ingest between regions they will need to delete it and create a new one. Ingests can only be edited when they are stopped.

βœ… Tip: To add a Pro Ingest as the source of a DVR stream or into Producer is just like adding a standard ingest. Navigate to SOURCE > PUSH to find the correct Pro Ingest and save the changes. For further details contact

πŸ“• Note: Grabyo now supports SRT (listener) and Zixi (pull) protocols for output (egress) workflows. For further details check here.

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