Using Grabyo Studio you have the ability to cut horizontal, square and vertical content allowing you to distribute in mobile optimised formats.

Selecting your aspect ratio


  1. Navigate to the TRIM page

  2. Select a TYPE from the drop-down menu

  3. Select an ASPECT RATIO from the drop-down menu

  4. Select whether you want CROP or PAD your video

  5. Begin creating your content

📕 Note: Please see this article for more information on selecting your type of content.

Crop or Pad

When you select either square or vertical aspect ratio you will be given the option to either crop or pad your video.

Crop: This allows you to define a cropping area for your content. If you want to move the cropping area throughout your clip you can use the mouse tracking feature as below.

Pad: Adds black bars to the top and bottom of your video, this will change your content to your chosen aspect ratio.

Mouse tracking

  1. Select your ASPECT RATIO

  2. Select CROP from the drop-down menu

  3. Select ADD TRACKING to enable mouse tracking

  4. Set your IN and OUT points for your content

  5. Press and hold X to begin recording

  6. Move your mouse to change your cropping area by following the guidelines

  7. Save your content

✅ Tip: If you make a mistake you can always jump back and make changes to your clip, simply release X and find the point in time to edit from.

Text & artwork overlays

You can add static text and artwork overlays directly from the web or your computer to give more context to your content.

Artwork Overlay

  1. Select ADD ARTWORK

  2. Upload your image

  3. Position your image

  4. Use the adjustment handles to edit the size and rotation of your image

  5. Set your level of transparency

  6. Select SAVE

✅ Tip: Upload a 1080x1080 pixel image to add a full-screen square overlay, use a 1920x1080 pixel image for a full-screen vertical overlay.

Text Overlay


  1. Select ADD TEXT

  2. Type in your text

  3. Position your image

  4. Use the adjustment handles to edit the size and rotation of your image

  5. Select a font from the drop-down menu

  6. Select a FONT COLOUR using the colour picker

  7. Select a BACKGROUND COLOUR of the text box

  8. Set your level of transparency

  9. Select SAVE

📕 Note: If you would like to use a custom font, send your font file to

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