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Producer guest allows you to invite external guests to contribute to your live broadcast. Guests can run the Producer Guest on a browser on their computer or mobile device to share their audio and video.

Adding a guest

  1. Select ADD SOURCE on the right-hand side of the LAYERS.

  2. Select INVITE GUEST


  4. Select ADD SOURCE tab in red

  5. Select SHARE THE STREAM with your guest

  6. Copy the GUEST INVITE LINK and send it to your guest


  8. Once the SOURCE is selected, the PRODUCER GUEST feature will go live and the ON AIR tab will appear in red, notifying you that you are live.

Supported types

  • Other Guests - allowing talent and crew to talk to each other

  • Intercom Sources - allowing talent and crew to talk to each other

  • Program return - allows Guests users to watch the program output from Producer

  • Source return - allows Guests users to watch source ISO feeds from Producer (RTMP/SRT/Zixi/RIST/RTP)

  • Guest screen shares - allows Guests to see screen shares from other users

Technical Limitations

  • Up to 11 sources can be shared with each Guest

  • Producer Guest does not support MBR or ABR video playback, it's important to make sure any viewers have sufficient network connectivity to receive all streams that are shared with them

  • Video is currently only sent to the desktop version of Guest, when using the mobile app the user will hear but not see video returns.

📕 Note: On a desktop, Producer Guest supports all the major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox and new versions of Edge). On iOS devices, we support Safari only. On Android devices, we support all major browsers except Firefox.

✅ Tip: A guest link should not be shared with more than one person at a time. The maximum number of contributing guests allowed is currently 12.

Multi Guest

  • Multi-Person Commentary - two or more users can see and talk to each other while viewing the Program return from the Control Room and contributing their commentary back.

  • Presenters / Casters / Talking heads - multiple presenters can now chat with each other on-air while the Producer captures them individually as sources

  • Talkback - multi-party chat between the production crew joining as a guest and the talents

  • Green Room - all guests can chat with each off-air

  • Pinning - any video can be pinned to the big screen

  • Multiple layouts - button in the top middle of the screen allows users to choose between a Single screen and Split Screen.

  • Audio (Volume controls) - all other guests and Program have sound on by default, but users can still selectively increase/ decrease or mute the audio of a given source.

  • Bottom bar - on the bottom bar of Guest are all the shared videos, and the name of the guest (display name from Producer). If a guest is not currently streaming it shows as offline.

📕 Note: On mobile, a toolbar plays all shared streams, tapping any of these steams slides open the control panel which allows you to pin the stream, mute the stream or close the panel.

✅ Tip: Producer Guest is now able to do Screen sharing. Participants can now bring in and control content such as pictures and presentations from their own laptops. For more information please visit this page.

✅ Tip: Volume controls settings within the Guest UI are not persistent, hence if you reload the page the volumes will return to the default levels.

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