Unlimited DVR gives you the ability to grab and share content from any historic point in your stream. By default, we will store the last 24 hours of your stream, you can then seek any 4 hour period within that time to create your content.

Accessing Unlimited DVR


  1. Navigate to the trimming page

  2. Select LIVE at the top of the page

  3. In the right-hand panel select a day and time period

  4. Press SELECT to update your trimming page

✅ Tip: If you are using Grabyo from a remote location with limited bandwidth contact us at support@grabyo.com, we can enable multi-bitrate playback so that you don't experience buffering.

📕 Note: You can increase your DVR retention time from 24 hours to X amount of weeks/months/years depending on your contractual agreement. Contact support@grabyo.com to discuss this.

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