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Creating 360° videos from a stream

  1. Navigate to the trimming page

  2. Proceed to cut a clip

  3. Select THIS IS A 360° VIDEO

  4. Select SAVE & SHARE to publish your video

📕 Note: In order to cut a 360° video you will need to have a 360° stream enabled, get in contact with us at help@grabyo.com to configure this.

Uploading 360° videos

When uploading 360° videos please ensure that they are of the below specification to avoid any potential processing errors.



Format: Video must be pre-stitched as a
'equirectangular' 2:1 feed. Grabyo does not
support 360 stitching.

Codec: AAC-LC

Codec: H.264 High@5.0

Channels: Stereo

Resolution: Up to 2160x1080 (2:1 aspect ratio)

Sample rate: 48KHz

FPS: 25

Bitrate: 192Kbps

Bitrate: 8Mbps

  1. Navigate to your campaign library

  2. Upload your video using the right-hand panel

  3. Toggle on THIS IS A 360° VIDEO

  4. Select SAVE to upload your video

Live streaming in 360°

  1. Select BROADCAST for a stream


  3. Select a social account and press NEXT

  4. Toggle on THIS IS 360° VIDEO

  5. Fill out the broadcast details and press NEXT

  6. Select START BROADCAST to begin your live stream

💡 Tip: The process for streaming a 360° live stream to a scheduled YouTube event is a little different, please see this article for more information.

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