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Clip overview

Within the clip overview, you can see all of your content details. If you haven't shared your content, you will be able to edit all of these details before doing so.

  1. Select an asset from your CAMPAIGN library

  2. From the SHARE LINK section, you can open your asset in a new tab or copy the link to that asset.

  3. Select either DOWNLOAD, DELETE or DUPLICATE in the right-hand panel

  4. Proceed to follow the on-screen instructions

Download: You will be given the option to either download your original content or a version with your creative set applied.

Deletion: Select the delete option to completely remove your content from your Grabyo library. If you want to delete your clip from a specific social platform, please see the shared history below.

Duplication: Select the duplicate option to create a copy of your clip in another campaign.

VOD edit: Open the clipping tool for you to clip and edit again from your VOD.

Share history

Your share history shows the status of your social posts and also lets you navigate to and delete these social posts from within Grabyo.

  1. Select a video from your CAMPAIGN library

  2. Navigate to the SHARE HISTORY tab in the right-hand panel

  3. Locate your social post

  4. Select VIEW POST to be taken to your social post

  5. Select DELETE to delete this specific social post

📕 Note: You are able to see the status of a social post from your share history. If you see an error message try re-sharing your content. If the issue persists please get in contact with us at

📕 Note: Deleting a media asset from your campaign will not remove the content from your social media.

Video Card

Assets in your campaigns will show a card. You can share and download the original cut of specific assets directly from the card view of your assets.

Search Bar

Use the search bar inside your campaigns to look for specific clips by name. You can also apply filters to help you locate clips by creation date, user and type of content (video, image or GIF).

  1. Type words associated with your content (e.g. words in your clips title or description)

  2. To the right of the search bar, you will find the options to filter by date, by user and format.

  3. The last option allows you to sort your content from oldest to newest and vice-versa

  4. Click APPLY to finish.

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