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The base layer function in Editor helps Grabyo users easily organize videos, images, and effects while editing a clip.

The base layer allows you to group the position of assets across multiple layers. This makes creating a multi-layered edit much simpler and faster.

Base layer functionality

  1. Select an asset and drag and drop into the BASE LAYER

  2. Select the asset and drag and drop in the secondary layer, above your chosen BASE LAYER asset

  3. The assets will be grouped based on their position with a GREEN LINE between them

  4. Refine the IN point of an asset so it's relative to the BASE LAYER asset

  5. Select the BASE LAYER asset to move the GROUPED ASSETS which will remain in the same position

📕 Note: The start times of ‘grouped’ edits are locked, which means moving a group of assets may cause you to crop assets outside of the group. To move assets out of the base layer, you just need to drag and drop them into another layer.

💡Tip: If a base layer asset is grouped with any assets, you will need to move or delete these assets before moving the base layer asset. If you need a blank space between clips in the base layer, this can be achieved by adding a blank background template.

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