Grabyo Transcriber is an intuitive transcription tool for creating captions. We’ve taken the most effective aspects of transcribing from conventional editing platforms and placed them within a modern workflow.

Closed captions can be manual, or automated using automatic speech recognition (ASR).


Manual Transcription


  1. Go to CAPTIONS section on the right-hand side

  2. Select a CLOSED CAPTION item and drag and drop into the CAPTIONS layer

  3. Grabyo TRANSCRIBER will be presented in the sidebar

  4. Click within the transcription box to start writing out your captions

  5. Select NEW CAPTION to add another transcription bar

✅ Tip: To control the preview player while typing we suggest you use keyboard shortcuts to play/pause (tab) and go back 3 seconds (shift + tab). To see more keyboard controls for transcription, click on the keyboard at the bottom of the transcriber sidebar.

📕 Note: When exporting from Editor, the captions in this layer will be exported as both VTT and SRT files. They will be downloadable from the campaign and will be exported automatically to supported social networks and OVPs. This is an automatic process, so please make sure that your captions are correct before exporting.

Automated Speech to Text


  1. Select a video from the timeline

  2. Right-click on the video and select EXTRACT CAPTIONS

  3. The automated captions will be added into the CAPTIONS LAYER

  4. Grabyo TRANSCRIBER will be presented on the sidebar

  5. Click within the transcription box to edit the text

📕. Note: Automatic speech recognition (ASR) is available once an asset has finished processing in the asset library. When an asset is generating captions, it will display an orange CC logo. As soon as the captions are ready to be used, the CC logo will turn white.


Grabyo transcriber supports the below languages when generating automated captions:

  • Gulf Arabic (ar-AE)

  • Modern Standard Arabic (ar-SA)

  • Chinese Mandarin - Mainland (zh-CN)

  • Dutch (nl-NL)

  • Australian English (en-AU)

  • British English (en-GB)

  • Indian English (en-IN)

  • Irish English (en-IE)

  • Scottish English (en-AB)

  • US English (en-US)

  • Welsh English (en-WL)

  • Spanish (es-ES)

  • US Spanish (es-US)

  • French (fr-FR)

  • Canadian French (fr-CA)

  • Farsi (fa-IR)

  • German (de-DE)

  • Swiss German (de-CH)

  • Hebrew (he-IL)

  • Indian Hindi (hi-IN)

  • Indonesian (id-ID)

  • Italian (it-IT)

  • Japanese (ja-JP)

  • Korean (ko-KR)

  • Malay (ms-MY)

  • Portuguese (pt-PT)

  • Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR)

  • Russian (ru-RU)

  • Tamil (ta-IN)

  • Telugu (te-IN)

  • Turkish (tr-TR)


Captions for Campaign Video Player


  1. Save to campaign

  2. Select the video card

  3. Select the CAPTIONS icon

  4. Choose CAPTIONS

  5. Ready to share

Export destinations that support closed captions:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Youtube

  • Comcast (MPX)

  • Brightcove

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