Adding your social accounts to Grabyo Studio is very simple, please see below for two ways you can do this.

From your user icon

  1. Select your USER in the top right-hand corner of the page

  2. Select SOCIAL ACCOUNTS from the drop-down menu

  3. Select ADD ACCOUNT

  4. Select the social network you would like to connect to your user account

  5. Follow the steps on screen to finish

✅ Tip: Take a look at our articles on how to add specific social accounts here. To avoid any issues before your event we advise that you have these set up before an event begins.

From the trimming page

  1. Select ADD SOCIAL ACCOUNT from the social sharing panel on the right-hand side of the trimming page

  2. Select a social account from the pop-up window that appears

  3. Follow the steps on screen to finish

📕 Note: Social accounts are added on a user basis. For security purposes, there is no way to share social accounts between users in an organisation.

✅ Tip: If your social account has expired, simply delete and re-add your social account to re-activate it. If this fails to resolve your problem contact us at help@grabyo.com.

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