Admins have the ability to create, edit, suspend and delete other user roles within an organization. From within the Users tab, admins are able to see an organization overview, including the name, email, last login date and status of all users in an account.

Creating new users

Admins can follow the steps below to create new users in their organization.


  1. Navigate to the ORGANISATION tab

  2. Select + in the bottom right-hand corner of the page

  3. Enter a NAME, add a PROFILE IMAGE and enter an EMAIL

  4. Select a ROLE

  5. Toggle MFA



  8. Select SEND INVITE to finish the creation

📕 Note: The maximum number of users you can have in your organization is specified in your contract and displayed on the right-hand panel.

Suspending and deleting users


  1. Navigate to the ORGANISATION tab

  2. Select OPTIONS for a user

  3. Select either SUSPEND or DELETE from the menu

  4. Select YES, DELETE USER to confirm the deletion

✅ Tip: You can reset your password from the Grabyo login page. If you need to change your password you can do this from the profile icon in the right-hand corner of the page.

User Roles


Admins have complete access to all streams and campaigns within an organization. They also have the ability to create, start, stop Pro ingests and on-demand streams, as well as control the access for Managers and standard Users. Users are only able to see content in streams and campaigns that they have access to.

Managers, like Users, will only be able to access Streams and Campaigns that have been assigned to them by Admins. However, unlike Users, Managers have some extra permissions such as starting and stopping Streams and Pro Ingests

Managing user access


  1. From an Admin account; Navigate to the ORGANISATION tab

  2. Select OPTIONS for a User/Manager

  3. Select EDIT from the menu



  6. Select APPLY to save changes

📕 Note: When creating a new campaign all users will be configured to be excluded by default.

Multi-factor authentication

You can enable MFA to provide additional security steps before users log into your organization. MFA asks for your login details and will then also ask for a security code generated through the Google Authenticator app. The link to download the app is below:

Admins are able to control how MFA is configured. This can be on a per-user basis or across all users in an organization.

Organization: Each user will be prompted to set up MFA before access to the Grabyo platform is granted. Suspended users will not be required to set up MFA, however, if their access is re-enabled they will automatically receive an email prompting the setup process.

User: When an admin turns on MFA for a particular user, we send that user an email notifying them that MFA has been set up on their account. The next time this user tries to log in, they will be required to set up their MFA.


  1. Navigate to the ORGANISATION tab

  2. Select OPTIONS for a user

  3. Select ENABLE MFA from the menu

  4. Follow the steps in the setup email you receive

  5. Scan the QR code with your GOOGLE AUTHENTICATOR APP

  6. Enter your MFA code

  7. Sign in to your account

✅ Tip: An admin can select RESET MFA if you are no longer able to access MFA this will begin the setup process again.

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