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In Grabyo we have two ways of adding integrations:

  • Adding your own integrations as a user

  • Adding shared integrations as an admin

Adding integrations as a user

  1. Select your USER in the top right-hand corner of the page

  2. Select INTEGRATIONS from the drop-down menu


  4. Select the integrations you would like to connect to your user account

  5. Follow the steps on the screen to finish

💡 Tip: Take a look at our articles on how to add specific social integrations here. To avoid any issues before your event we advise that you have these set up before an event begins.

Adding shared integrations as admin

  1. Select ORGANISATION from the left-hand side menu

  2. Navigate to INTEGRATIONS and select the plus button

  3. Follow the steps on the screen to finish

📕 Note: Admins can manage Integrations and choose who has access to them within their organisation. There is no limit on the number of integrations that can be added.

Shared Integrations functionality and requirements





Once an integration is added it needs to be assigned. By default, all integrations are unassigned when added, even the admin users who have added the integration would need to assign themselves access.

Authentication can be used on integrations that require login details. Admin users can use this function when an integration has expired or if they want to re-authenticate an integration. Authenticate can be used instead of deleting and re-adding integrations when they have expired.

The delete can be used to remove an integration from the Organisation and all of its assigned users. Once an integration has been deleted all of its configurations are also deleted, if an admin user re-adds the same integration they will also need to re-assign this to all of their users.




Users/Managers are only able to add personal credentials

Admins are able to add personal credentials

Users/Managers are able to view and use credentials shared with them

Admins can add organisation credentials from the Organisation hub

Users/Managers are able to distinguish between personal and shared credentials

When adding an organisation credential admins can easily add this as a personal credential too

Users/Managers do not have the ability to delete shared credentials

Admins can assign users to organisation credentials

Users/Managers are able to use shared credentials in the same way as personal credentials

Admins can refresh/re-authenticate organisation credentials

Admins can delete organisation credentials

💡 Tip: The integration manager modal makes it easy to either assign all users or individual users to an integration. The search can also be used to filter the results.

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