Ad Triggers allow you to receive a stream into Producer which already includes Ad Markers in the stream and then use Producer to replace the existing adverts with any video or image source in Producer.

This can be used to replace existing adverts from a live broadcast when re-broadcasting it via Producer (either simultaneously or later) with new adverts for a different market, a replacement VT or a simple holding slate/blanking image.

  1. Select the ADVERT BUTTON on the Producer toolbar

  2. Select one of the assets from the sidebar to replace an AD BREAK

  3. Once the system detects an Ad Marker in the live stream it will start a countdown

  4. The AD BREAK will start and the selected asset will be put into the PROGRAM monitor

  5. The PREVIEW monitor will show the original content from the stream

  6. A countdown starts immediately as the AD BREAK appears live to show the end of the break

  7. At the end of the AD BREAK, the replacement asset will be switched off and both PREVIEW and PROGRAM monitors will go back to the original content

Supported Ad Marker Types

  • For content sent via MPEG transport stream (SRT, Zixi, RIST, RTP and HLS) we support unencrypted SCTE35 splice insert messages.

  • RTMP: we support a number of AMF0 messages to trigger ad replacements: onCuePoint, onAkamaiAdPod and onUserDataEvent.

  • HLS: we support unencrypted SCTE35 splice insert messages sent either in the transport stream segments themselves or as EXT-OATCLS-SCTE35 tags in the HLS manifest.

✅ Tip: Ad break will only be triggered if a source with Ad Markers is live at the time of the break. The preview will be cut live when the ad break ads, which means you can change the preview during an ad break to return to a different live feed or a clip.

📕 Note: Ensure you have the correct settings on the replacement asset because they will be used during the break, for example, loop, hold, remove as well as the various presets and asset dimensions (fill, top left, top right etc).

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