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The EPG (Electronic program guide) allows users to set specific time parameters for a program. This ‘program’ will then be saved and easily accessible for rapid clipping on the Grabyo platform. The EPG helps digital teams to organize and maximize their archive of resources while delivering targeted content rapidly.

Enabling EPG

To enable the EPG for your stream simply click the three-dot icon on your chosen stream from the home page and click SETTINGS. You'll find the option toggle below the stream name.

Creating an EPG

  1. Select the EPG icon on the stream of your choice

  2. Select the date of your choice and CREATE NEW

  3. Input a NAME and select the START and END DATE/TIME

  4. Select SAVE SHOW

Editing an EPG

  1. Select the three dots to EDIT or DELETE

  2. Select VIEW to access the program

  3. The Live Clipping Tool will open with the IN and OUT set at the time of the program

How to access the program from Live Clipping Tool

  1. Select LIVE to select a time

  2. From the sidebar choose between the TIME-SELECTOR and EPG

📕 Note: If a user is clipping from a program and wants to clip from outside the boundaries of that program, they can use the time selected to do so.

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