Simplified end-to-end solution for live, remote video production. Including stream sync capabilities for multiple LiveU units.

Streaming from LiveU Central to Grabyo

  1. Create a new ingest point in Grabyo

  2. On LIveU Central select CDN as a destination for any LIveU units

  3. Select GRABYO from the PROVIDER dropdown

  4. Paste the correct PRIMARY URL

  5. Paste the STREAM KEY in the STREAM ID field

  6. Select the agreed video resolution from the VIDEO PROFILE drops down


Stream syncing multiple LiveU units into Grabyo

  1. Ensure that your LIveU runs SW version 8.6 or above - this can be checked under the MANAGE DEVICES tab

  2. Look for the SW version column and if not at 8.6 then click on the SW UPGRADE icon

  3. Set all units to the same TRANSMISSION DELAY - this can be performed either from unit GUI or from LiveU Central unit panel

  4. Navigate to Grabyo Producer and select the STREAM SYNC button

  5. Select all LiveU feeds to be synced

✅ Tip: For more information on the LiveU integration with Grabyo please contact

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