Users can now label all content assets in Grabyo with tagged keywords to categorise video clips and highlights, drive enhanced search and content discovery and better organize their libraries.

Adding a tag

  1. Select the asset

  2. Navigate to DETAILS and select EDIT

  3. Type the tags of your choice and select SAVE CHANGES

Searching for content with a specific tag

  1. Select the FILTER icon

  2. Type the tags of your choice and select APPLY

📕 Note: You can only search for tags that have already been used on an asset.

📕 Note: Tags are now available when exporting from S3 and FTP. They appear in the following format when exporting in JSON: "tags" : ["tag1","tag2","tag3"]

✅ Tip: A user is able to add tags when uploading content into Live Clipping Tool, Editor and Uploading in the Campaign.

✅ Tip: A user is able to filter using available tags when searching for assets in Campaign page, Import from Campaign in Editor and Import from Campaign in Producer

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