Key and Fill Graphics
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Key and Fill functionality allow users to send transparency to the Producer in live streams. This works by sending two separate streams: one containing the content (fill) and the other an alpha mask (key).

The main use case allows users to use traditional broadcast graphics engines as live sources in Producer (such as VizRT, Chyron LyricX, and Ross XPression).

How to add Key and Fill streams in Producer

  1. Add both sources to the Producer

  2. Synchronise them in the STREAM SYNC sidebar

  3. Go to the SETTINGS of the Fill stream, and in the new KEY + FILL tab set the Key Stream in the drop-down

💡 Tip: If everything is set up correctly the Fill stream will immediately use the Key stream as an alpha mask and become transparent. Now the full stream can be used as a source with transparency in Producer, and the key stream can be ignored (but must not be deleted).

📕 Note: It is vital to use Stream Sync when adding Key and Fill sources in Producer to achieve the broadcast graphics workflow.

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