Grabyo Editor overview and key terminology


  1. Select IMPORT to add assets into the ASSET LIBRARY

  2. Toggle between GALLERY VIEW and LIST VIEW in your asset library

  3. Search and select PROJECT ASSETS to add your asset to your timeline

  4. Add AUDIO tracks

  5. Select TRANSITION to access the option

  6. Your selected asset will appear with a green border


  1. Drag and drop a TRANSITION to the start or end of an asset

  2. Selected transitions appear orange and can be extended or shortened

  3. Select the COG button to edit the composition NAME and DESCRIPTION

  4. Select the EXPORT to save and share


  1. Drag and drop a TEMPLATE to the layer of your choice

  2. Double click on an asset on your timeline to access the asset's settings

  3. Select SPLIT to cut assets

  4. Select MORE to access all KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS

  5. Select CLEAR COMPOSITION to remove all assets

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