You can broadcast your Grabyo stream to any platform that has RTMP details using the custom RTMP destination feature, here are just some of the platforms that you can broadcast to: Twitch, Brightcove, Ooyala, Akamai. 

Please see step by step instructions below:

  • In your Grabyo account, select 'Broadcast' on the stream that you would like to publish to a RTMP destination
  • Then add a custom RTMP destination

  • Select your campaign folder and toggle whether you want to save a VOD file of the stream to the campaign
  • Enter a display name then the stream server URL and stream name from your RTMP destination
  • Start broadcast - this will start sending the stream to the destination platform. 

Stream Server vs. Stream Name

To publish a RTMP stream to a custom RTMP destination, you need to provide Grabyo 2 important information:

Stream Server

The stream server describes the host name and port, as well as the RTMP application name and follows the format:



  • hostname: the domain name of the Ingest server
  • port: the port for the RTMP stream (default is 1935)
  • app-name: the name of the application on the RTMP Ingest server

For example, Grabyo Ingest RTMP have stream server URLs such as rtmp://

Stream Name

The stream name is a unique name or ID of the stream that is being streamed to the Stream Server. It follows the format of any string value and can contain query parameters i.e. myStreamName?token=123456

Akamai specific

When publishing a RTMP stream to Akamai, Akamai requires stream names to be of a specific format:



  • eventname: the name of the event
  • angle: the camera angle
  • bitrate: the bitrate of the stream
  • streamId: the Akamai Stream ID

For example, Akamai Ingest have stream names such as myStreamName_01_3200@123456