If you would like to broadcast your stream to Twitter, but do not want a public Periscope broadcast automatically created, you can set up a custom RTMP destination in Grabyo and create a broadcast specifically for Twitter only. 

Please note that Twitter uses the Periscope backend infrastructure for streaming. This means that if you are logged into your Periscope account, you will be able to see the broadcast, however this will not be visible to anyone else.

Please see step by step instructions below:

  • Once you have selected 'Create broadcast' you will see the pop-up above
  • In the source field you will be able to select an existing source if you have already set one up, alternatively you can choose to create a new source
  • If you select 'Create source', please set a name and select the location of your encoder in the 'Region' field
  • Once your new source has been created, the stream details will be displayed - you will need this information to set up the custom RTMP stream in Grabyo

  • In your Grabyo account, select 'Broadcast' on the stream that you would like to publish to Twitter
  • Then add a custom RTMP destination

  • Select your campaign folder and enter a display name
  • Return to your Twitter Media Studio setup and copy the stream server URL and stream name, then paste them into the corresponding fields in Grabyo
  • Start broadcast - this will start sending the stream to Twitter Media Studio, but will not be public until you Tweet the broadcast

  • Within a few moments you will see your stream from Grabyo appear in the broadcast detail window in Twitter Media Studio
  • Set up a broadcast name
  • Select any categories for your live stream
  • To set up any geo-restrictions, select the 'Content restrictions' drop down and enter your requirements
  • When you are happy with the settings, select 'Publish now' - this will take you to the next screen allowing you to create the Tweet for your broadcast
  • Select 'Tweet'

  • In the example above, you can see the final pop-up before your broadcast is live on Twitter 
  • Enter your message, and you are good to go!