Grabyo now allows users to create and share GIFs and images from live streams and VOD. You are able to publish GIFs at different speeds, aspect ratios and directions whilst adding graphics, text and overlays to create your perfect GIF.

Basic information

Aspect Ratio: Set the output of your GIF / image which can be square, horizontal or vertical and whether to crop or pad the GIF.

Speed: You can set the playout speed for your GIF to be faster or slower than the original. Please note that selecting a slower speed may increase the length of your playout. 

Play Mode

  • Forward: Normal direction
  • Backward: Reversed direction
  • Boomerang: Forwards and then reverse (This will double the length of your GIF)

FPS: Option to select a range of frames per second

How to create a GIF

1. Select the GIF type

2. Select the desired aspect ratio

3. Select the speed (Each speed will update the duration of the GIF, i.e. the slower the speed, the longer the GIF, the faster the speed, the shorter the GIF)

4. Select the direction 

5. Select the FPS


Once you have selected the above options you can preview your GIF by pressing the 'PREVIEW' button. The duration of a GIF is limited to a maximum of 7 seconds. This limitation will vary depending on the play mode and speed that the user selects.

How to create an Image

1. Select the image type

2. Select the desired aspect ratio

3. To grab an image press, 'Mark in'


You have the option to add an overlay to your image. Simply click 'Add Overlay' and select the overlay you would like to add. Creative sets are not supported for GIFs and images. 

Limitations for GIFs and Images on Grabyo


Creative sets are not supported for GIFs and Images

Fixed Resolut

  • Horizontal: 480 x 270
  • Square: 480 x 480
  • Vertical: 270 x 480

Duration: The final maximum length of a GIF is 7 seconds. The length of the original video clip may have to be shorter in the case of Boomerang mode or slow motion as this will increase the length of the GIF.


  • GIF: Maximum size of 15MB
  • Image: Maximum size of 5MB


  • Only 16:9, 9:16 and 1:1 aspect ratios are supported for image and GIF uploads.
  • All GIFs uploaded will be scaled to 480 x 270
  • Supported formats for Images are JPEG & PNG
  • All images uploaded will be scaled to 1280 x 720

GIF & Images can be shared to:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Spredfast
  • Comcast