Data-Driven Workflows (DDW) are all about creating automated workflows entirely driven by data. In partnership with Opta, this integration will allow you to create automated clips based on events you can select from the Opta data. The automated clips are saved into your campaign chosen, ready to be shared out individually or concatenated into a highlights reel using the composer tool

The Automation page is accessible in Grabyo Studio on the left-hand side menu, where you will see the automation icon. 

Creating Automated Clips:

Setting up the Datasource

  1. Click on Add a data source (Opta should be pre-selected)
  2. Click Next, enter a name to identify the account
  3. Enter the API Key and click Test
  4. Click Finish (becomes enabled)

Setting up the workflow

  1. Firstly, select your data source or add a new one
  2. Select the Sport you want i.e. football
  3. Select the competition
  4. Select the date range
  5. Select the match and click next 
  6. Select the events that you want to clip from the match
  7. The duration of each clip containing the event will default to 30 seconds. This can be customised on the right-hand side on the events section
  8. Select the correct stream the match was broadcasted on
  9. Select the campaign to use and finally click Schedule auto-clip