Facebook Live Ad Breaks are a new way for you to monetise your Facebook Live broadcasts. This feature allows you to take breaks during your live videos to run short advertisements allowing you to earn a share of the revenue from the ad breaks in your videos

Ad Break

  1. Login to Grabyo (studio.grabyo.com) Select your stream source and whitelisted Facebook Page.Add your desired title and description; start broadcasting.
  2. When your stream has reached the appropriate threshold for ad-streaming select ‘Prepare Ad Break’ this will then preload the ad break.
  3. The ‘Insert Ad Break’ button will appear to show you are now eligible to run your break at an appropriate time. Hit the ‘Insert Ad Break’ at the appropriate time to run the ad break.
  4. A countdown timer will be shown in the GrabyoStudio preview window that indicated the ad break is running. Your live broadcast will resume automatically when the ad break is over.
  5. You must wait a minimum of five minutes before you can run your next ad break. When the broadcast is over, select ‘Stop Broadcasting’ to end your Facebook Live event.


  • To run an ad break you must: reach 300 concurrent live viewers.
  • Be four minutes into the broadcast.
  • Must have the rights to broadcast the content.
  • Each ad break lasts up to 20 seconds.
  • You can take additional ad breaks after a minimum of five minutes between each ad break.