Twitter Amplify is designed to help our clients monetise their video content on Twitter by facilitating a simple way for advertisers to sponsor original content and increase reach.

This feature is now available in UK and US markets to select partners. For more information, please contact Twitter directly.

If your account has been whitelisted, you can select the 'Dollar' sign to access the monetisation option on your social account. For help on how to add social accounts, please see this article.

Twitter Open Amplify

At this point you can select either Open Amplify or Custom Amplify depending on your agreement with Twitter. In the case of Open Amplify, the ads served will be automatically selected by Twitter, whilst giving you the ability to block certain categories and specific brands if you choose to do so.

Please select your video category from the first drop down menu, and set any categories to be blacklisted - this will ensure that the most relevant ads are automatically selected and played with your video.

If you do  want to block specific ads, then you are able to blacklist individual advertisers by typing in and selecting their Twitter handle. There isn't a limit to this, so if a brand has various Twitter accounts for example, you can blacklist all of them at this point. Any verified account will show with a blue tick to help distinguish the official accounts. 

Twitter Custom Amplify

To select the Custom Amplify program, simply click the 'Custom' option. This will allow you to select the pre-configured campaign from a drop down menu. The creation of a customised campaign is managed completely by Twitter, so please get in touch with the Twitter team directly if this is something you are interested in setting up.