In the Grabyo Producer interface you will see 3 initial layers that each house different source types for your production. You can also add, remove and collapse up to 8 layers. 


Layer 1 is the bottom layer and dedicated for your live stream sources. There is a maximum of 4 source inputs at this time at a 720p rendition. This includes any live input from a mobile stream as well as a standard RTMP/HLS ingest.


Layer 2, the middle layer, holds any VOD sources including picture in picture assets - these custom size assets will have to be set up in our platform backend, so please inform us if this is something you are looking to add to your carousel. Anything on this layer will appear on top of your live source on layer 1. Please note that if you chose to set up a custom size for picture in picture, all assets on this layer will appear at the set custom size.


Layer 3 is where all image, animation and web sources are added. This is also the top layer, meaning that all assets will appear over content from layers 1 and 2.


Once a source has been selected, a green outline will appear to indicate that this asset is now in preview mode, and will be played out in the preview window. When the preview is pushed live, the green will change to red outline to indicate the live status of the asset.


To remove an asset from the live output, select ‘blank layer’ to clear, and push live the new clean output.

Add new sources to your layers by selecting the plus icon at the end of your carousel, and chose to either upload from your local machine, select a clip from any campaign in your Grabyo Studio account, add a live stream by entering the playback URL or add a custom web source. 

You can add and remove up to 8 layers in your Producer instance, this is configured across your organisation, allowing all users to collaborate with the same setting and layers.  

Collapse (hide) layers: you can collapse layers using the arrow icon at the end of a layer.

Add / Remove layers: you can add or remove layers from the context menu accessed from the cog button as pictured above.