Grabyo Producer represents an important shift in the way social and digital video broadcasts are produced. Accessed through a web-browser, Grabyo Producer brings real-time stream switching from multiple sources, locations and devices to the cloud, enabling producers to create unique, digital-first broadcasts for social platforms, websites and mobile apps – including innovative applications to engage fans and bring them into the broadcast experience on Facebook, Twitter and Periscope.

In a nutshell, Grabyo Producer supports:

  • Real-time switching of streams and feeds from multiple devices, events, locations and sources
  • Add static/flat graphics and animated video graphics on top of the live feed
  • Insert VOD into the live broadcast, including live highlights, sponsorship and advertising graphics
  • Add enhanced graphic overlays including data integrations which update, populate and animate in real-time
  • Moderate and show real-time social comments and reactions

Grabyo Producer Platform Overview & Key Terminology

  1. Preview Window
  2. Output Window
  3. Add source by drag and drop or selecting assets from campaigns, upload from your local machine, add live stream

  4. Top Layer - Input for Image source and web source
  5. Middle Layer - Input for VOD source and picture in picture
  6. Background layer - Input for Live source in full screen, including mobile live feeds

  7. Volume control for the preview of your sources - please note that this control does not affect any live output pushed to social
  8. Select 'Blank Layer' to clear the source currently selected
  9. Select + to add new source input
  10. Select the cog icon to access individual source settings - once selected this will be indicated in the cog turning red
  11. Control volume output - this will affect the volume of the final output onto social media
  12. Delete the source from your layer here