What is Grabyo Composer?

Grabyo Composer simplifies social video production and editing making it easy to create highlights, multi-clip edits, compilations and sponsored videos for social and digital distribution. Designed with speed and efficiency in mind, Composer allows users to edit and stitch multiple clips together and share them across social accounts, websites and apps in seconds.

How to use Composer?

Uploading a clip

  • Select 'Add Media'
  • Select 'Upload' 
  • Upload either directly from your computer or import via URL
  • Add a title and description (optional)
  • Select 'Save'

Adding content from Live 

  • Select 'Add from live' you will be redirected to the trimming page
  • Trim a clip
  • Save your clip to a campaign
  • Upload saved clip into composer or upload a clip from an existing campaign by selecting the '+' icon

Stitching multiple clips together

  • Select a clip to add to your 'input'
  • Select the play button to view the clip
  • Drag the green rectangle box along the timeline to trim the clip
  • Press 'Apply' to save your changes
  • Follow the above steps to add multiple clips and stitch them together
  • Drag the clips in the timeline to change clip order

Saving a composed clip

  • Select 'Composition settings'
  • Input a Title and Description
  • Select save to save the clip to a composition

Crop and Pad

The crop and pad feature allows you to install black bars at the top and bottom of your clips to allow for text to be inserted. 

  • Select your clip and drag it to the timeline
  • Make the necessary adjustments in 'Crop'
  • Select 'Pad'
  • Add
  • Export clip to Grab Live to add text

Sharing a composed clip

  • Select 'Export'
  • Select a campaign
  • Select a creative set (optional) 
  • Input your social message
  • Input a title and description
  • Select social pages to share the clip out to
  • Press the 'Share' button

Note: The clip will be exported to the campaign selected.