It is very easy to share/export a video to Spredfast. Grabyo's integration allows for quick and easy publishing of videos to your Spredfast account. Please follow the instructions below to set it up. 

How to add your Spredfast account to Grabyo Studio

  • From your profile menu or from the Studio trim page select 'add new social account'
  • Select 'Spredfast'

  • When prompted select your Spredfast folder name and submit

  • Enter an optional social message - this will appear in the description and text field when shared
  • Select the Spredfast account that you would like to 

  • Add a name for your video
  • Amend the description if you like
  • Select the folder you would like to share the video to
  • Add/amend the text field
  • Select 'Share to Spredfast'
  • In your Spredfast account, you can access your assets by selecting the 'content' tab from the top navigation bar