Scheduling a live broadcast is a simple and straightforward way of ensuring that your following know when you're going live and ensuring that they are notified when you do. You are able to set up a scheduled live post between 10 minutes and 7 days from when you want to go live allowing for maximum discovery of you live post. Follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Facebook Page you want create the scheduled post on and select 'Publishing tools' - 'Videos' - '+Live'.

2. On the modal that appears you need to click 'Next' and go to the second page. You are now able to enter a social message; add a title and any tags for your post. Once you have updated these fields you must click the dropdown box in the bottom right hand corner of the modal and select ‘Schedule Live’.

3. On the new page you are able to set your scheduled time and date. If you want you can also update the image that appears on your post; simply click the ‘Upload image’ button to do this, if you don't upload a custom image it will stay as your page profile image. Once you have set the time and uploaded an image press the schedule button to create your post.

4. Now you must log into your Grabyo account and select the stream that you would like to broadcast using the 'Broadcast' icon.

5. Select your Facebook page as a social integration. If it does not appear on the list simply add it using the ‘Add Social integration’ or follow this article.

6. On the modal that appear select a campaign from the dropdown menu then you will see the ‘Facebook Post’ drop down box. This is where you can choose whether to go live immediately or you can pair your broadcast with the scheduled post you created in Facebook.  Locate and select your scheduled post and then press ‘Start Broadcasting’ to push your stream to Facebook. 

7. You post shows on your Facebook newsfeed where your followers are able to subscribe to a notification when you are due to go live. 3 Minutes from your scheduled live time this notification will be sent to your page followers and a countdown will appear on your post until your scheduled time when your live stream from Grabyo will then appear.

8. To turn off your stream you will need to stop this through the Grabyo Broadcast UI by simply pressing 'Stop Broadcast'.

If you have any questions regarding live streaming please get in touch with the Operations team via