Creating a new Integration
  1. Locate the source manager button by clicking the 'Source' button on your stream and then the 'Edit' button in your source stream URL
  2. Select the 'Add new integration' button to set up a new feed
  3. Enter a name for this new integration
  4. Select the 'Add new data feed URL' button and paste in the your URL then click Save settings. 


Selecting a new program
  1. Once you have a new integration adde you will have the ability to then 'View' your integration
  2. When viewing your integration you will see a list of all the available programs provided by your integration.
  3. To switch your live feed simply select the 'Use' button on your desired program, this will update your stream in Grabyo where you will see the new content. 

Please note that when using the source manager you will only see content from when you make the feed change; you will not have access to the old content once you have updated stream.