Here are the user roles explained:

Admin:​ The Admin role allows full access to all enabled features on both Grabyo Studio and Grabyo Mobile Studio. As an admin you can create campaigns and add users. Additionally an admin also has the ability to assign or restrict access of specific campaigns and streams to other users in the organisation. Admins cannot change another Admin’s access. To enable admin access, please get in touch with

User:​ The normal user has access to Grabyo Studio and Grabyo Mobile studio in the capacity determined by the admin. Access to campaigns and streams will have been assigned to the user. If you are not able to access certain features, this may be due to a restriction placed by your organisation's admin. Please get in touch with them if you have any issues.

Creator:​ The creator has limited access to Grabyo Mobile only. This user can record and upload content to a campaign, but is unable to share clips out to social media. All the saved clips will be available to the admin and users with permission for that campaign.