Facebook Branded Content allows videos to feature a third party product, brand, or sponsor ("marketer"). If your Facebook page is verified you already have access to Facebook Branded Content; if your page is not verified you may need to request access using this link.  When using this feature you must follow the Facebook branded content policy and ads policy. For more information about what branded content is, please refer to this link.

You can now share Live and/or VOD videos as branded content very easily through the use of your creative sets or 'advanced options'. When making a creative set you can now tag a third party product, brand or sponsor Page and also add an image overlay that will appear on your video from the first second for a duration of your choice.  

Configuring branded content in a creative set. 

1) In your campaign view select the 'manage creative sets' button to open your creative set manager.   

2) When in the creative set manager select the 'add creative set' button. 

3) In your new creative set add a 'Title' then select the 'Add' button for Facebook branded content.

4) A new modal will now appear giving you the options to insert a Facebook specific bumpers and overlay and also allow you to add sponsor Facebook page as a tag.

4) In the Monetization section of your creative set you can now begin to add your branded content tagging. Simply type in the Page name, URL or ID of the third party product, brand or sponsor that you want your content to be tagged with and select them from the list that appears. 

5) To add a Facebook specific branded content overlay to your video you will need to tick the 'Add specific overlay settings' button and upload a PNG file that is exactly 1920 x 1080 pixels in height. As we cover the whole video with the overlay you will need to ensure that the file you upload has a transparent background

6)  You have to option to Select 'Always on' for you overlay to persist throughout your video or select 'Periodic' and enter a duration to set how long your overlay will appear on your video every minute. Please note that your overlay will only appear on your content from the first second of the video.

7) Once you have saved your creative set you can then apply this to any clips that you share through Grabyo, your clips will then be shared to Facebook with all of the branded content association. 

Configuring branded content through your 'Advanced options'. 

When sharing clips from LIVE or VOD in your campaign view you can add your branded content tagging. To do this you can simply follow the below steps. 

1) Scroll down to the 'Advanced options' section in the 'Share' pane then type in the Page name, URL or ID of the third party product, brand or sponsor to be tagged with.

2) When you share your clip to Facebook the branded content video post will appear with the "with" tag

If you would like to use our Facebook branded content features please get in touch with the operations team on ops@grabyo.com and we can provision this in your Grabyo account.