Once you have provided us with your stream in the required format, broadcasting your stream from Grabyo Studio to YouTube is a straightforward process that you can easily follow in this step-by-step guide. 

Step 1:

  • Go to the 'Create a video or post' and select GO LIVE from the drop down menu
  • In the next window select CLASSIC LIVE STREAMING 

  • From your Creator Studio page select 'Live Streaming' and you will find the options: STREAM NOW, EVENTS & LIVE CONTROL ROOM 

Step 2:

  • Log into Studio and you will land on the homepage
  • Select the BROADCAST icon    

Step 3:

  • Select the YouTube channel you want to broadcast your stream to
  • If you have not yet added your Page, you can do so by selecting ADD ACCOUNT
  • You can add as many YouTube channels as you like at this point

 Step 4:  

  • Add a title for your stream - this will only appear if you click into the post 
  • Add a description - this will appear on the timeline above your live stream 

Step 5: 

  • You can select to see your stream details once it is broadcasting to YouTube 
  • Please note the LIVE icon signifying the status of your stream 

Step 6:

  • Click into the stream details
  • From here you can see title and description
  • Get live and total views of your stream - this is updated every minute
  • Easily copy YouTube live video URL to your clipboard if needed

Step 7:

  • Go directly to your live stream post on YouTube by selecting VIEW YOUTUBE LIVE VIDEO

Step 8:

  • See your live stream broadcast on your YouTube channel