Geo-restriction or Geo-blocking is the practice of restricting viewer access to content based on geographic location.

Geo-blocking can be set by an admin and works on a campaign basis in Grabyo, meaning that all clips housed within one campaign will have the same geo-restriction. You have the option to Whitelist or Blacklist certain countries depending on your needs. Whitelisted countries will be able to view the content published from a campaign with those settings, and any country not on the list will not have access. Conversely, if a country is blacklisted anyone in that geographical area will not be able to see the clips shared from the campaign, whilst the rest of the world can view it.  

To set the geo-blocking for your campaign, simply select the option of whitelist or blacklist from the drop down menu and start typing the list of countries that you would like to allow or deny access to. If these fields are left unpopulated no geo-blocking will be applied to the campaign. 

Please note that geo blocking does not apply to any clips and live streams published to YouTube and Periscope.