A Grabyo campaign is a great tool you can use to store all of your video clips from an event in an organised and manageable way. If you are an admin user you will be able to see a red '+' icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Studio homepage; this is where you can create a new Grabyo campaign and there is no limit to the number of campaigns that you can create. 

Once you click the '+' button a modal will appear in the middle of the screen similar to the image below; from here you can fill out the form and click the 'create campaign' button to add the campaign to your organisation. It's that simple! 

Campaign name - This is the campaign name that is seen inside the Studio; you can name a campaign anything you want and use it as a reference to the content a campaign contains e.g. "Extreme Sports Live - Snowboarding". You are able to add an externally-facing campaign name through the 'Campaign settings' - to see how to set this click here

Cover image - This is the image that appears next to your campaign name inside the Studio. This image must be 854x480 pixels in size and can be used to identify what type of content a campaign contains. 

Associated social accounts - The associated social accounts are not share destinations that your clips will be shared to. Here you enter the social accounts that are associated with the campaign you are creating. For example if you are creating a campaign for a specific event you can enter the event specific social accounts instead of organisation specific social accounts. To read more about where the associated social accounts are used please click here

Geo-restriction - This is where you can add geo-restrictions to your new campaign. Select whether you want to whitelist or blacklist countries and then type to enter the countries in the designated box. If this field is left unpopulated no geo-blocking will be applied to the campaign.